This site showcases our traditional Cruck framed buildings which We design and construct at our Market Garden base in Norley near Frodsham which is hidden away atop the sandstone ridge that divides Cheshire.

We also hold timber framing workshops for complete novices where we show you how to design and build your very own timber framed garden buildings..

All of the timber that we use is reclaimed tree surgery timber that we convert and dry in our large solar kiln. 

The wide range of timber species that we stock reflects the rich historical heritage of this country. There are many factors contributing to the diversity of tree species in this country.

  • There were plant hunters who scoured the planet in the 16th, 17th 18th and early 19th centuries to bring back new species from around the globe. 
  • Plant breeders have created myriad cultivars since then. 
  • Our climate has a wide range of temperature, habitat and climatic zones and in general, due to the predictable annual rainfall this group of islands is particularly suitable for a wide range of tree species.
  • Then the grand created landscapes by Capability Brown and others (which made the new exotic tree species popular) set fashions in their day that drove demand for the new tree species (and cross bred cultivars) to be planted in many different locations.

The net result is that in the UK we have a wider range of tree species grown into maturity, than any other country in the world.  

Cheshire Tree Surgeons commonly get asked to remove a wide range of tree species and this is the main reason that CraftWoods.co.uk exists and (amongst many other things) builds timber framed buildings to your specifications.

Why not look at the services we offer on our different websites, including Arboriculture, tree consultancy, tree care or tree surgery.

We are open every Saturday morning . so come along and see the new cruck frame that we are building.